Some more on Wren, the filly.

Gramma and Sam and Addy Bear rode along with me to feed this morning. I left the team harnessed and after dinner I went out and worked on the bobsled, getting it back in shape as good as I could… I am going to have to re-build or get another one someday if I ever intend to do much with one… this one just has spruce runners and they are getting pretty rotted out and the wood for the bolsters was just spruce or some straight grained pine and none ever had any paint on it, so it’s getting kind of bad shape anywhere I haven’t replaced wood in the past…. Anyway, I fixed it up enough to do and drug it up and down the gravel road with the pickup about a mile to shine up the runners. Pulled it out back of the corrals and Cindy went with me to hook Ron and Wren. No problem, so away we went. Wren had never felt much of a pull before so that kind of bothered her a bit, but we just kept going and when I got to where she was pretty good, we stopped a bit and rested and went again. Finally took them over a dirt creek crossing -like a small dam- and she handled that well. Followed the creek around and again stopped to rest several times. Finally came back and Cindy had shut the gate to the corral so I parked the sled where I’d started from. Wren was real sweated up and even Ron had a pretty good sweat going. He was wet anywhere harness was touching. It was a shorter session than yesterday, but more of a work out. The sled pulls pretty easy on grass, but it is a steady pull. I’d say another few days of this and she will be a Christian! 😉

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