Still windy and pretty cool this morning. I used the tractor as i wanted to feed one of the new bales and several had ripped the net wrap and I knew I’d lose some with the team. I took Addy Bear with me. Most of the cows were up west, so hauled one up there and unrolled it somewhat out of the wind and they nosed it a little and looked at me like they were saying, “Your kidding us, right?”

So I decided to make them eat it and drove the long way around to try and trick them into staying up there. Only problem was Jack, Chances dog was running along and he decided that they all needed to follow the tractor! I don’t know as he was moving them much but he was sure at the back end of them working. Soooo…. I hurried home but didn’t fool them any, here they come on the run, following the tractor!

When we got back, I dropped Addy Bear off at her house and went an got another one and fed them out here in the lane. The heck with them! They will eat it or go hungry! Dang tuff old eastern SD hay! I suppose I will have to grind it or leave it for really cold nasty day’s or maybe carry it over until next year and see if it softens up any over the next 8 months or so and then grind it with something else if i have to. I hate when you pay what I did and they won’t eat it….

I got my cantle binding on the saddle today and got a good start on the back billets…seems like I don’t go too fast… oh well, it will get done when it get’s done…

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