Yup, still windy!

Seems like it really has to blow… I guess it is March, but I don’t think that matters around here… supposedly we only have no wind 5% of the time and they consider a wind anything over 5 mph….must be why there used to be so many windmills on wells in this country. If we had a wind charger we could be making enough electricity to run a fair sized town, I’d think, just today!

Got a load of hay in this afternoon, so seeing as I had to start the tractor anyway I fed with it and Cindy rode along. they don’t make tractor seats the right size for a Grampa and a Gramma to share! At least not in this tractor, so we snuggled! 🙂

Hay I got in has some net wrap on it so it was in good shape tho’ a couple got ripped.. and the wind didn’t help the trucker either, said he hit it at Pierre. Imagine that, come to west river SD and the wind blows! Hope it don’t blow the bales away, it cost to much!

Been working in the saddle shop off and on all day when I wasn’t doing something else. Hope to get to working some of these young horses now that it is warming up for a spell but I’d sure take a foot or two of heavy wet snow, tho’ rain would be nicer….guess while I am wishing I will wish for a warm rain and then a whole bunch more! Be fun to listen to everyone cuss the mud again!

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