The weather! Wind dropped down to a breeze, warmed up to shirt sleeve weather…suh weet!

Took the team and tolled the cows up to Harry’s with a bale of hay, came back and got the lowboy wagon and some bean, picked up Hope and all the kids and we took the bean up to the cows. Then, after i turned the team loose I drove up with the pickup to see if they wanted to eat at the Bull Creek. they did so we did. Saw glen and Bailey and visited a bit until we all were done eating… well and Addy Bear got done playing with her food!

Oh, the big news is, Sam has a huge cavity and a part of his tooth broke off and he handed it to his Mom…he showed it to me and every thing!! 🙂

I suppose this will involve a dentist visit… just a baby tooth, ain’t it? A molar in the back…

When we got back from the big city….I dropped everyone off, took some mineral barrels out and then threw a couple of salt blocks with mineral to the horses and unloaded the salt and dog food. I got a short nap, then did a little tooling, pitched up some hay for the horses in the corral and hauled the trash out. Going to cruise the interwebs and then back to the leather shop, need to get this saddle done! It’s too nice to be in the house working on leather!

And Cindy said we have a new Pope. From South America, which I am sure is a first. God bless him and make him a great Pope and do wonderful things for all of us in this world…

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