Another fun weekend

I took off yesterday about noon and headed for the Hills. I went to Deadwood and met up with a feller and his wife I chat with online. We’ve met a couple times and enjoyed each others company so he let me know they were spending some time in Deadwood. We met up, visited and even played a little 3 card together then we left his wife to gamble and we went over to hill City to Chute Roosters, met up with my buddy Paul Larson, ate a bite and then took in the Open Mic event. Both of us sang a couple songs and I did a poem also. Huge crowd for the size of the place. Had some of the same people from the last event and some new ones. I think there were 23 performers, so it got kind of late. Kass drove up from custer and spent the evening with us and we had a blast. Thanks Kass!
We headed back to Deadwood, I dropped Jerry off at his motel and headed home. got home a bit before 2 this morning and woke up before 7. Fed cows and then picked up Gus and Sam and we went up to Mud Butte to Mass. The boys were hungry afterwards so we drove over to Newel and ate lunch. Gus wanted to watch a movie and they had been pretty good kids for a 5 and 6 year boys, so we drove over to spearfish and watched, Jack the Giant Killer. cool show and we enjoyed it. We sat next to a friend from Sturgis so we visited afterword and then headed for home with a pit stop to get some gas and Bug Juice for them thirsty boys. Right now they are both helping Gramma make fry bread. Nope, not spoiled a bit!

One thought on “Another fun weekend

  1. My Grandson and I went to the Jack Movie 3D. He enjoyed it..I think he liked the giant booger part the best..that is the scene he told his Mother all about in great detail:)

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