March 1st

In like a lamb here… so hang on the end of March!

Tee, my saddle making apprentice came out yesterday, got his ground seat in and then spent the night at some neighbors who are friends. He was welcome to stay here but wanted to catch up with them. He got back here fairly early and got his riggin’s all cut out, glued and sewed. He had a hard time with the sewing and it was mostly the machines fault. he’s doing a great job and ifs fun to work with. I got some work done on my saddle while Tee was working on his.

I found a load of hay I will split with a neighbor when it get’s in. Not cheap but when i count bales, if it gets snowy, we will need it.

Hope to go to the Hills tomorrow and visit a friends who are there and stay for the open Mic at Hill City. Weather is supposed to be great tomorrow. 50’s!

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