Went out and plugged in the tractor this morning as it was quite a ways below zero, so I thought I’d cheat, the wind was supposed to come up also…went back 3 hours later and it would barely turn over so I just harnessed up and fed. Really wasn’t all that bad… feeding with my bale wagon and the harnessing warms you up…came in and made some bean-less burrito’s. Cindy brought the fixings home this evening so i added beans tonight and made fresh pico… man I love that stuff, now if I had had a good cold Mexican beer I would have been set! Just stayed in the house for the most part and kept warm. Did walk out this evening and let the dogs run and went up and seen Hope and the kids. Cindy sure was happy to be driving Red this morning she said, when she hit the drift. Didn’t think she would have made it thru’ with little Blue…

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