Dang females….

When I came home from Iowa I brought a brand new harness and two collars for Cindy for an Anniversary present….Heck, just the thing for a woman who has two young Halflingers to break to drive…I ain’t never had a new set of harness…well, she wasn’t satisfied with that wonderful gift so i had to take her car shopping yesterday…we came home with a 2011 Bright red Dodge Nitro….I’m calling him Red…and I drove him home and seeing as we’d had 5 inches anyway of good wet snow yesterday morning… and seeing as the blade man had not bladed it yet, we got to test out it’s snow driving capabilities and i got to say, he came thru’ like a charm,. Much better than poor ol’ Blue, her Saturn she traded in… by the way, if anyone is looking for a very nice car that gets great gas mileage… better call us and we will tell you where we traded. I am afraid that Red is going to demand more oats and hay than Blue ever did. Ol’ Blue sure was an easy keeping rascal and other than a penchant for running into deer , I fear he was moon blind as it was always at night, seems like, he was a dirty good booger….he had about 125,000 miles but they were good and easy miles as he just pretty much trotted into Sturgis every morning and trotted home at night. Not a lot of stop and go driving and she always kept him shod up good and had him to the vet for regular checkups….

Hope had called while we were in visiting with our people who are sending yearlings this spring , and said that the horses were all out. She got them corralled down south but didn’t shut any other gates, so when we got home we drove Red out and shut gates. we were plowing around in 2 wheel drive and getting along fine until I stopped on an incline to shut a gate and I had to grab 4 wheel drive to get started again. seeing as I had fresh powder on the road, we tested out his speed from a stop and handling on snowy roads and a circle thru’ the hay field while whipping and spurring… say… that Red booger has some speed and is awful sure footed!

This morning I fed with the tractor as I was going to move some snow and set more bales down for the team… didn’t need to move any snow, the ground has sucked all the moisture out of it and it is powder, sure gonn’a be fun when the wind picks up! While i was out and about i lured the horses back where they belong. we are headed in after bit to finish up the business we didn’t get done yesterday and then go watch the bronc riding tonight. there is one tonight and again tomorrow night and I am going to do my best to get to both of them! There just ain’t enough saddle bronc riding’s to go watch as far as I am concerned…

3 thoughts on “Dang females….

  1. Our Anniversary isn’t until May, but I did buy my wife a mitre saw for Christmas. Enjoy Red, maybe the deer will be able to see him better.

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