Home again home again….

Jiggity jog….

Bob and I left New Hampton at 10 mountain time and got here at 9 this morning. Originally we had planned to stay over and drive back today but the weather was calling for freezing rain and this is our 34th anniversary, sooo…. we headed out…from the sounds of things it was a good decision. I let Bob drive about an hour while I snoozed a little and then I drove on home from Kadoka….when we got home I took a shower and got about an hour in and Bob slept in the chair.. he woke me at 11 and he headed for his home. We had a great time, got to meet a lovely lady who reads this blog, JJ and her husband and friends.. had a short but interesting visit. Sounds like they may stop in on their way to or coming from the Black hills in the future. Hope so, they seemed to be nice people…we had a great crowds at the shows and way too much fun, tho’ rod Nelson was really mean and nasty about the bargain I got on a new set of harness and collars for the team i got for Cindy for a anniversary present. I think he was just miffed because I got to them before he did. As I understand it his lovely bride would sure like a nice set of harness and collars like these, so, being unmanly, he just could not accept that fact that I got a good deal from a nice Amish man… and kept howling and groaning at what a poor bargain I had struck. Poor looser… in my book. But for all his faults, Rod did do a great job………for a Democrat! 🙂

Of course, Bob was wonderful and the crowds loved them both and tolerated me.. so all in all it was a successful two shows we put on and I heard they raised over $6000 for their Vets Memorial they are building. Sounds like they are already planning for next year!

Happy Anniversary to my lovely bride and best friend….

5 thoughts on “Home again home again….

  1. So, I take it you got to spend a little time with the Amish. Isn’t that neat? My sweet husband bought me a new old bobsled and we need to go get it (although there’s certainly no reason to have one in this dry country…this winter anyway) but it’s in the other corner of Iowa, but understand there are a bunch of Amish nearby so will be fun to check their area out too. Glad you had a good time and got home safe and sound. You were in good company. I’ll bet it was a great show with the three of you!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Glad you made it home o.k. The ice is horrible here. I really doubt if you would have been home yet if you waited to leave.
    We sure enjoyed meeting you. Hope to see you down the road someday. The show was wonderful. You all did a great job and was so entertaining. It was a fun evening. Thank you.

  3. Late reading this. That is wonderful they raised that kind of money! Great job!
    And congrats on yours and Cindy’s anniversary. That is wonderful! Glad to heR you got a good deal on her present!
    Stay warm!

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