Bit drafty

Lots of wind and it’s pretty cool out there. I don’t trust this new thermometer but it said we never got over 2 or 3 today. I left the tractor plugged in last night when I fed the cow in the hospital bunch their grain and Chance started it on his way down here this morning. Said it fired right up. Hydraulics were pretty slow….We put out more feed than normal but even so i see the cows went up west to pick… they must not thinks it’s that cold….course, the probably got a belly full of water out of the tank that was probably 50 degree’s or better before they walked up there. Supposed to stay this way, with a little less wind for another day and then start warming up and more wind…never hardly got any snow….

Gabe and Lige had their first wrestling tourny today is Sturgis so Gramma went to that. She evidently is staying in town again tonight as she ain’t home….oh well, I got a steak broiling and leather to pound on and TV to watch…

2 thoughts on “Bit drafty

  1. Dad always said Case tractors had lower hydraulic pressures than John Deeres, and he claimed that meant less blown lines, back in the day when lines ruptured fairly often.

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