Another day…

Not real sure what all I have accomplished in the past couple days, but seems like I’ve stayed busy!

I rode with Chance and Hope and two littlest kids to Philip. We got squared away at the bank for another year and they looked at a different pickup, but they want way too much for theirs and offered way too little for Hope and Chances. the guy at the shop called today and told me they had out a new lift pump in and that I had ran us out of fuel so evidently the gauge wasn’t working and if I wanted to fix that it was an additional $ 275! I told him to go ahead and fix it as I really like knowing how much fuel I have in a tank. I am kind of anal that way! 🙂

This afternoon we got the bunkbed put together and this morning I went and took wire off an old hay corral we no longer use so Chance and Hope can use it for sheep fence.

I caught and harnessed up the team and fed the dry cows in the corral a small part of a bale. Rick S and Brad stopped in to ask questions about a wall tent Brad had gotten the other day.

Kids took off and took Gus to Punkin Center for his first basketball game. (they lost) Cindy got home in time to watch.

Hope made supper and the kids were put to bed. Now The big kids are off to a Halloween party at Enning and Gramma is eying the clock as it creep towards bed time.I am kind of thinking that is a good idea myself.

We need to get the cows hauled to the sale tomorrow and get my pickup and then I have a gig tomorrow evening at the Heritage Center. They are having their annual fundraiser. I am MC’ing. A late night, I am sure.

5 thoughts on “Another day…

  1. Sorry to hear about your truck problems. You know if you did that mechanical work think of all the cow feed you could bye. I don’t know if my oldest is ever gonna give us grandkids but with a 6 month old of my own ain’t to worried about it.

  2. Corky, IF I did all the mechanical work on my pickup, I’d have to sell all my cows to pay for all I screwed up! Yeah, a 6 month old… you are a brave brave man…..

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