Heritage Center

Cindy rode up with me yesterday afternoon. we stopped and ate a bite in case they weren’t feeding us at the gig, which of course they were…. no matter, we at a little there to be polite and it was good.

Did the show, I was the MC and sang a short part of one of my songs..

Afterwords we spent the night at a motel they provided a room for us at. Fr Tyler came over and visited a bit, but not long as we were tired. Had a hard time sleeping on that hard motel mattress. We were up a little before 5. I dropped Cindy off at her job and then drove back to Spearfish to the Perkins, got the Sunday paper, had a leisurely breakfast and read all the paper, then went to Mass and listened to Fr Tyler’s homily.

You know, watching someone do their chosen work, and doing it well, is very satisfying. Fr Tyler is very comfortable and does a great job of communicating and keeping the talk interesting. All his life he has been pointed at this and he revels in the task. As do both of my other son’s and their work. And it doesn’t matter that they are my son’s, I have many whom I work with and around and it is always fun to watch them, whether it be sorting cattle, branding, working with a young horse, building a house or a cupboard, singing a song or reciting a poem. I can not imagine having to do work that you hate, just to earn the money so you can live as you choose. Must be a hard, mean life….

Weather was great yesterday and cooler and windy today. supposed to be in the 60’s this week and a shot of moisture coming in this next weekend. Probably snow, but then it is November and we need it so we will take it. As if we had a choice….

Remember to vote on Tuesday!

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