4:07 a freeking m!

and here I set. Wide eyed but not so bushy tailed….

Cindy’s dentist visit went well. Dropped the pump for the firefighting unit off and got some needed things I couldn’t get from my usual ranch supply store…

Stopped in at a sporting goods place and showed Cindy a nifty little shooter and she liked it! We got it! I am wondering if this was a good idea. she couldn’t wait to get home and try it out, but we had to take Lige back to his home in Custer and so i ran over to the State Game Lodge where I had been invited to participate in a non paying, but fun group event of poetry and music. Did my turn, watched for a short bit afterwards, h3eaded back to Tate and Kass’s where Gramma had gotten her fair share of grandkids hugs and squeal of delight and we headed home. Oh, by the way, I met a charming young lady from Minnesota and her Mom and the sweet child who’s name was Lizzy. Made me think of my Gramma.. I said I would mention her on here, so there you go…

We came home via Deadwood as i think it is about the same time frame as Rapid and much less traffic and people and houses and businesses… but dang, some people sure do want to drive slow, afraid of deer I suppose, big sissies!

I needed a short break for personal reasons, you know why, if you have traveled with me…. so we stopped at one of the dens of iniquity and used the facilities and tried our luck and it ran true to form, so THAT didn’t take long, and came on home, watching lightning off to the south and north east. Hope no fires got started!

Got to bed about midnight, fell asleep and woke from a silly dream and now I am awake… awake… hmmm, wonder what to do now, as I have caught up on all the interwebs stuff I normally do throughout the day…. maybe time for a book or some stupid show on TV…. only time will tell… seems I get silly minded with lack of sleep, or is this normally the way I write… hmmmmm….

5 thoughts on “4:07 a freeking m!

  1. Man, I keep tellin ya to stay away from dem slots. Head to the poker room and pay a little attention, you’ll come out ahead in the long run. Hell even if it just takes you longer to loose your quota. 🙂

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