Another gig

I dropped the two mean little kids of with Cindy yesterday when she got off work and I went up to Hay Creek camp for the Cancer Benefit ride. Some of us made music and did some poetry after everyone ate. They all bragged on us and seemed to enjoy it. Got to see friends from back east who were there. Sounds like they are dry also. Hay in short supply and costly if anyone will price it. Got home about midnight. Couldn’t sleep from med’s I took for a rash I had. Good news is that the hives or rash is about gone, so the med’s were worth it…Got up too early and Lige and I went to Mass. Gus had went home with his parents who Cindy met up with before she left town. Hot wind blowing out of the south today. Looked and it was 103 or there about’s, in the shade….got a chance for some rain coming in in the next day or two. We sure need it and we look better than lot’s around us…hope it don’t bring fires and not enough rain to put them out. Cindy has a dentist appointment tomorrow and we will probably run Lige home afterwards..then maybe a gig at Custer State Park, depending on how Cindy feels. Better take my firefighting pump down and have them go thru’ it so it is up to snuff as I bet I am going to need it. We’ve had quite a few small fires around and some big ones, but with all the firefighting units people have and the firetrucks in most the small community, community spirit and grit and these good young fellers who will go at the drop of a hat and do the work (not to mention the older ones who also go) we will get thru’ this. We always have….

Eric and Chastity stopped over and we made plans for a saddle and Eric brought a couple hrses home he has had and worked with. Chance needs a remount. His horses are sick. So Pardner will go up there and ol’ Crackerjack (who has really grown!) will get played with around here and hopefully a grand kid will ride him.

4 thoughts on “Another gig

  1. Really like dropping in to see what you are doing. Not much on my mind, but chasin’ hay and watching that clear blue sky. Just wanted to say howdy.

    1. Marlon, are you drunk? I can’t understand what your question or comment is. By the way. Dennis is my last name. Robert is my first. If you insist on calling me Dennis, please put a Mr or Robert on the front of it….I hate people who can’t be bothered to learn my name…

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