Me and the boys

and the dogs, went and got the horses in this morning to ride but the nose flies was bad so we waited until…. about right now!

Went south and dug up thistles and worked on leather this afternoon. Children are no good at digging thistles…..

AI heifers tomorrow.

Sat up too late last night listening to the fire radio. Sounded like lightning started quit a few, but the short hard shower that followed put them out… got up warm and a quick short shower came thru’ and we got about 10 drops but it cooled it off for a short time. Upper 80’s now….

5 thoughts on “Me and the boys

  1. Sure glad the fires got put out. Glad the Waldo Canyon one in COLORADO finally got contained. My granddaughter was in that one. Lots of damaged property. But Thank the Good Lord, she is back at home.
    I can just imagine the kids and thistles!
    Thanks for sharing your life there with all of us!

  2. We do not hay, except the road ditch and I am waiting until the grand sons are gone before I start as, as dry as it is it will be just cut and rake right behind…

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