Running around…

We took of Saturday afternoon and drove to Valentine where we spent the night, with Tate and Kass and kids all in one room. We took everyone to the pool at the neighboring and jointly owned motel that we stayed in. We all had great fun, but seems I didn’t sleep so well on a strange bed and grand kids… 🙂

Got up Sunday and drove to Taylor, Neb. for Cindy’s family reunion. Left about 4 our time and headed home with Lige along with us.

I got up Monday, drove back south of Philip and hauled home the lease bulls and turned them with the cows. Didn’t sleep the night before as much as I would have liked. Then we drove to Hope and Chances and spent the night last night. Again, not as much sleep as I would have liked… got up about 4 this morning loaded horses and drove over west of him, gathered and branded a bunch, then south between Belle and Spearfish and branded another bunch. Drove back north, dropping off horses and riders at their trailers, drove to the Macy place, unloaded and went after some sheep, as they are going to finish up their shearing tomorrow. Mijo didn’t mind herding the few ewes and lambs we found but was not a bit impressed with the bucks! Got that done, drove over to Hope and Chances, got a saddle and another kid, Gus and we came home. I was wore out so took a caffeine pill and then some Coke and now for some odd reason I am still awake. Oh well, Gramma sez the boys need a nap tomorrow and I think I can fit that into my schedule! 🙂

I am done driving very much for a few days. Sure glad I ain’t a trucker!

Seen and rode across lots of dry country…. we all need rain, keep praying, please. Heard of some hay contracted for $200 a ton, today….good alfalfa, but even still… Not too hot of weather all this time and even kind of cool for part of it, but no rain…

4 thoughts on “Running around…

  1. You make me tired just reading what you have been up to. Are you sleeping with your eyes open yet 🙂

  2. You are pretty busy for a old guy! 🙂 Almost time for my pack trip. Good thing I don’t have much that needs to get done at work, my head is already in the Sierras.

  3. Lisa, if only I could!

    Mike, have a great time and don’t go roping any bears up there, it ain’t as much fun as it sounds like… 😉

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