Early morning

Got up at 4 and tho’ morning is the best time of the day, it sure can come at an awkward time… especially if you are night owl as I am. But I did better than my young traveling companion who was in bed at 1 am and up at 4. He couldn’t hardly keep his eye’s open on the trip back home from up north helping neighbors sort pairs.

It went well and was cool, but muggy and warmed up by the time we finished and moved one bunch north to summer pasture about noon.

I took a wee snooze after I got home and put Mijo away but awoke too soon with a sore shoulder. Not sure why my tendinitis is kicking in, but am thankful that a chiropractor showed me how to fix it, in my shoulders at least…

I need to take a drive and fix a little fence and make sure my sorting of the heifers is still good. And if the wind dies down I think we will cook some dead cow over some coals after bit…

4 thoughts on “Early morning

  1. Thanks for the help! I wish I could have been there, but no way to get away at the time. Glad you and young, tired traveling companion could jump in and get the job done so quickly!

  2. Our family Doctor I grew up was an osteopath….. not sure where there is one now, but guess I could look in the phone book… thanks. A chiropractor would be good too, but the last one I went to was not very good…

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