Man how we used to look forward to this day when we were kids. Firecrackers, sparklers and Black Snakes and maybe even a few rockets of some kind to shoot off. We always wanted to start too early and usually had everything shot off before it got good and dark!

Then as I got older, it was always a big deal to go to Orman for the big Firework show up there. Alcohol was usually involved and it is a wonder anyone survived. I don’t miss that!

Then when we had kids, we stayed closer to home and always had some stuff fro them to shoot off. Interspersed in there were trips up into the Black Hills to lakes for fishing, food and friends.

This year, it wasn’t handy to get together with any of the kids and grandkids, so Cindy went to work and I putted around here and really didn’t do too much…guess we are getting old. I did watch “Saving Private Ryan” again. Hadn’t watched it since it first came out. Very hard for me to set and watch that…all the blood and death, so that so many of us could live the lives we do today.

Freedom…. it’s a precious thing that most of us take for granted and it seems we let more of it get away from us each year.

I hope we can reverse that…before it is too late…