Me and the kid and GRAMMA!

Went out and worked on some fence this afternoon. I’d went out this morning with the tractor and loader and pushed some pipe in the ground for corners and filled dirt in around some water tanks.

Ground is so dry I had to get a load of dirt in the loader bucket and pound a long time to get this corner in this deep. I would have liked it a bit deeper, but it’s just for a short stretch of fence in a water lot, so I imagine it will hold. Maybe it will be wet another year and I can go back and push it in deeper!

Gabe taking the old wire off so I can move it up the hill where the snow won’t mash it down.

This evening we drove up west and looked at cattle, found a new baby or two (haven’t been paying much attention to these last ones to calve) and went and looked for old rusty things ti incorporate into the kitchen remodel. Got some sucker rod and came home and started forgin’ out a cupboard handle. This is the prototype.

Cindy cranked the forge and there was some blue flames we tried to capture on the camera, but they don’t show up too good. Not nearly as well as to the naked eye…

What looks like smoke is smoke and blue flame…

Wind howled and didn’t get much above 70 degree’s. Chance of rain this week.

3 thoughts on “Me and the kid and GRAMMA!

  1. Sweet! Hand forged cupboard handles! That is the coolest thing. My dad forges stuff too and I have some cooking skewers and such that he made me. Wonderful stuff!

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