Good news and bad news…

After choring this morning, I girded my lions to go wrench… I hate wrenching. I don’t understand machines very well and I am not very good at it, but…. I needed to take the radiator off the 756 and take it somewhere to get it fixed. I did have the thought that maybe I could take the radiator off the old 666 that sets parked waiting for a real mechanic to come fix one little o ring on the injector pump. But after I got all the parts off to get the radiator off the 756, I decided i could just call the Implement store and see if it would fit, so that if it didn’t, I wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble to take it off and then just have to put it back on. So I walked to the house and called the store and was told, no, they were different part numbers, so it was a different radiator. So I got a name for a place that could fix the old one. No one would answer the phone so I left a message and went to searching and sure enough found another place that would fix it. He said to bring it down, so I cleaned up the old radiator and loaded it into the trunk of my old car and then cleaned myself up, turned the team loose and headed for Rapid. I stopped in Sturgis, grabbed a burger at Mickey D’s and then picked up Cindy from work, as it was quitting time for her by then and we trucked on down the highway. Got to the place, the guy looked at it and pronounced it unfixable as it was in too poor of shape. Dang! Said he’d get me a new one, but i told him the guy at the Implement store told me he couldn’t get one. Hmmm,…This guy did some measuring and found one and said it would cost $475. I told him I really didn’t want to spend that much on this old tractor and that it was too bad the one off the 666 wouldn’t work, but maybe I could find a used one. He checked his books and old me that the one on the 666 was the same radiator…. Hmmm……

Soooo… I had to travel 90 miles round trip to find out I could have just took the old one off the other tractor and saved myself the trip. Oh well, live and learn. I HATE wrenching!

12 thoughts on “Good news and bad news…

  1. nobody detests mechanicing as much as me,can do a fair job of it,but I detest to top it off,I’m lead maintenance in a poultry rendering plant.the whole thing just plain stinks!

    1. Hmmm, sounds like a heck of a deal, but I suppose they’d want paid and then too, I hardly ever have anything around here break down, cuz I don’t use it, cuz it might break down…. πŸ˜‰ LOL Who’d you have in mind?

  2. Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating. I hate all that stuff too, but the kid loves it. Drives me nuts talking about what will bolt up to what and how he is going to put this engine in that thing and on and on. Wants to put a motor out of a gigantic dump truck we have into his pick up. Argghh. Glad you can at least use the one you have.

  3. I’d be payin that Implement store a visit and let them know how impressed I was with the technical knowledge of their employees!!!(is there a BS flag available?)

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