Had a new one this morning and two new ones this evening. I putted around this morning, as the wind was blowing so hard I’d decided to wait and feed in the afternoon, as it was supposed to go down, as the afternoon progressed. Ordered some stuff fro leather work and then went to Punkin Center for the big CRS trade show and had pancakes. Seen lots of neighbors from near and far and then gassed up the car and came home. this afternoon, I went and fixed fence and fed and got two calves and a cow in that have been crawling fence. I have been trying to make good Christians out of them when they’ve gotten out, but now they have done it one too many times. So they are incarcerated awaiting judgment. 😉

I saddled Woody to do it and they were foolish enough to think they could out run him. 🙂

More fence fixing and now Fr Marcin is here for supper. He and Cindy are visiting so I stepped away as she is telling him about her job at the jail.

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