Not sure why, don’t seem like I got a lot accomplished. Cindy wanted to go check cows this morning so we went in Purple. Came back and putted around, paid bills and then went out, saddle up Beaver and got the horses in, harnessed and fed. Broke the tongue on the wagon while backing in a circle to get a bale so limped to the house and unhooked at the shed, put the team away and then took the tongue off the wagon and welded it back together. Went back and got the team and went and fed a couple bales. I noticed while feeding that the upper winch was not working right. I had been acting steadily worse, so got to looking and a bushing/bearing was bad worn and not letting the teeth in the gears keep in contact, so when I got down feeding and unharnessing and putting the team away, I went and wrenched on it. I think it will work, but just in case I found one online and ordered it. Called up Vince Skidmore and ordered another bucket of leather cream. We had a good visit. I met him years ago at Laramie at a jam session after the poetry deal for the days. we sat outside a bar and watched the cops arrest a guy. We were kind of blocked in and seeing as we’d had a beer or two, we decided it was best to wait until they were all done and gone. 😉 He gave me some samples of the leather cream he was making. It’s about all I have ever used since. Good for leather and rawhide and he also makes a water protector for boots and leather.

Then after dinner Dean came over and worked on the yeller horse. He was needing it, not bad, but had some sore places. I am sure he will be much better now. Dean sure does make them horses feel better.

After he left I went and worked with Pard, the dun coming 4 year old I got back a few days ago. I worked with him yesterday and he was kind of sketchy. Never offered to buck, but just ind of strange. He would tolerate lots of spooky things, but pretty unwillingly. Eric told me he had never gotten very far getting him used to a rope so I set out with that in mind.

I started out by roping a hind foot and getting him to yield to it. I don’t know as I have ever done that with him before, so it was a learning experience. He got good about one foot, so I switched and did the other. I laid the big scary white plastic bag alongside the fence where he wanted to be and that helped to keep him hemmed in. I got the other hind foot caught and in the process he had to go beside the bag to get away from me. He was pretty good going counter clock wise but not so much the other way. I was a real scary deal to him. When we finally quit he would walk up on to it, from either direction and then stand on it. So then I got the floppy yellow blanket and tied it on the end of my rope and got him sacked out and then over the saddle horn and let him pull it behind him. He pulled it real fast! 😉

When we finally got done with that, he would stand and let me throw it at him, at his feet and up on top of him and then let me pull it up from either side onto the saddle. Tomorrow, the white bag! 🙂

I also got him up along side my cat walk and had him stand while I swung a loop over his head and along side him. He was pretty tired when we quit and I think it was real good for him.

Rode Woodrow out to check the cows this evening and kept Mijo in for a night horse.

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