Still nice

Warm and the wind didn’t pick up until about noon. By then I had the cows fed and the colt rode. I gave the cows an extra bale as I noticed they are really cleaning up what I have given them and they have picking with green grass mixed in with the old stuff. this afternoon I trimmed the front feet on Pal and then rode him and worked with him in the bosal. He doesn’t have a lot of stop on him and he was ridden with different leg signals, but we got quite a ways along the path. He now stops better and understands my signals better. Pretty gentle. I hope he will make a grand kid horse before I am done if I can just keep the navicular for bothering him. I wet down leather and waited most of the day for it to get right to work yesterday and finally gave up and went to bed so I wet it this morning thinking it would be ready after dinner. I am still waiting! Dang it!

When I got done feeding I drug an old back tire of the 8N Ford tractor we used to have to use as a drag while driving Wren to the chariot. So when I rode Brody he found that real curious. I kept pestering him until he would finally step one foot into it and then walked on. Had a real good session with him today also.

If you want to read of my training with him there are headings at the top of this page that say, Horse training, Horse training 2 and I added Horse training 3 for the next 10 sessions.

I was going to drive Wren today but when I got off the yeller horse I had a twitch in my left groin muscle that I hadn’t noticed when I was on him and could hardly walk, so I decided I’d wait until tomorrow to further her education.

4 thoughts on “Still nice

  1. I think I figured out how to do this now………..but I don’t know where the “name came from” or how to change it……anyway, its ME……..I’m baaaaaccccckk……………………

  2. I’m glad you understand this computer stuff Mike, cuz it about whips me everytime I have to do somethin different…………….

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