I tooled on some leather after dinner until the leather was too dry then wet it and went out and harnessed and hooked Wren up with Ron, with the new blinders so she can’t see as much. didn’t help a lot, but maybe a little. She is aware there is something back there and she doesn’t like it. Real control freak! I drove them afoot a lot of laps then hooked on to the chariot. I got better…. eventually! I don’t know if you can have a runaway in that big corral but I am pretty sure you can have a runAROUND! Te laps we was making, it’s a wonder we didn’t spawn a tornado!!! 🙂

When we quit,Wren was better and much wetter also. She is pretty hard headed and thick hided so when I get her trained well, man am I going to have a team! Might have to go win a few pulling contests!!!! LOL

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