Yup, still March!

First day of spring I think. Usually we get a storm this time of the year, but so far all it is is more wind and cooler temps.

We ran into Rapid yesterday after I got chores done. I have been getting a little nauseous and headaches, which I hardly ever get, so I suspected it might be my glasses. Had my eyes checked and nothing has changed, so it must be sinus’s and also I have been using stronger reading glasses to do all the leather work on this saddle. That and my lens are pretty scratched up. they are under warranty so didn’t cost much to get new ones. I also ordered a pair for leather work with a lot higher strength of bi focal.

We did some Shopping, at a late lunch with Fr Tyler at Firehouse and it was really good. Then we ran to Spearfish to pick up a piece of glass for the refrigerator, Cindy had ordered. Went to Wally world and got some groceries and other things, then came home. Day was pretty well shot, but then.
I got the cows fed and then worked on some leather work until after lunch and then ran to Punkin Center for a haircut and some lick tubs for the cows. I am about out of bean but don’t really need a full bag of it, so decided to just do this, as it also has the vitamins in it. Got my haircut and came home and then dug up a new patch for the garden, Cindy wanted to move it away from the road so we made a new one out by the dog house. Close to a hydrant and still plenty of sun light. I dug it out with the loader, then put old rotted manure that is mostly dirt in it and then recovered that with the dirt I had dug up. I will have to hook onto the disc and disc it with the team but it ought to work fine.

While I had the loader running I set a bunch more bales down handy to feed from the stacks. I can pull them out with the team but there is one long stack that is four high and it’s quite a pull for them. I worry about something breaking when they get down and pull like they will.And this is handier and quicker if we’d get a storm. Some of the bales are wanting to come apart and I am going to have to take the lowboy wagon and go pitch on the loose hay one of these days.

Then I saddled up Brody and had a good session and then trimmed the teams back feet. That is hard work on an old fat man!
Now I need to get back to the leatherwork. No rest for the wicked…. 😉

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