Chance and Hope and family came out Sunday evening. In the morning real early Chance and Hope and I took off about 4 Am and headed west. We got to Sheridan about 8 and ate a bit then on to do some shopping. Then on to Billings where we dropped off some hats to get worked on and measured so if I want to order a new one or ship one to get worked on, he will have the measurements. Chance also ordered one. We ate lunch and then heeded south east. We pulled into the Custer Battlefield monument. so Hope could see it, turned around and came back to Ashland where we turned north for a bit, up to a boot and shoe makers house. An Amish man. He was gone, but I got his nice wife to take the measurements of my feet so in the future if I want to order a set I can. Neat looking place back up in a narrow canyon. Then we headed for home. Stopped in Sturgis and got a bite to eat and then fuel and home. Got back here about 9:30. Gramma had played and fought with the grandkids and had a great time. I could hardly talk from laffing at all of Hope and Chances stories. A tiring but great day. Weather was real nice, tho’ we did run in to some wind.