Windy and cold

That ol’ northwest wind was howling! Plumb felt like winter.
So….. if March came in like a lamb, kind’a, does that mean it’s going out like a lion, kind’a? šŸ™‚
I had plans to take the filly and Colonel up to Brad’s this afternoon and Brad was going to start working with the filly and I was going to get the second ride there with Brad to help and guide me. But….Cindy called about 12:30 and asked if I didn’t have a tax appointment today? I’ll be darned, I do!

So I scurried around and changed clothes and got all my stuff together and hit the road, slightly more faster, well…okay,. quite a lot more faster than I usually drive. I had several other things to do in Sturgis before I went on to Rapid. Like get the tags for the vehicles which were supposed to be on by March 1st! Got that done and stopped to cash a check at the bank and ended up waiting for Cindy. We got there plenty early so I dropped Cindy off at Hopes sister’s house where they were making cakes as Cindy wanted to watch. And play with the grand kids under the guise of “baby setting”! Yeah, right. I went back, got all my info to my tax guy and it wasn’t as bad as it could be. Pretty simple, if you don’t make much they don’t take much.

I went back and visited and watch Hope decorate and played with Addy Bear, as the boys were involved with a movie with their cousins. We left and went to the Olive Garden for some early supper. Didn’t order too much but had a miscommunication with the lovely waitress, so got more than we ordered. but didn’t have to pay for one meal, so made it up by tipping the nice young lady well. We headed back to Sturgis, I dropped Cindy off at her car and then went to the grocery store and picked up a couple items.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to the colts and the saddle. I did get some done on the saddle this morning in between chores. Probably have a picture or two shortly on here.

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