Another one

Beautiful day. Little breeze out of the southwest. Gramma and the little boys went with me to feed and then we ran the horses in and I caught Mijo and rode up west and brought the cows in. took all 3 dogs along and they worked well. Some how Buck has gotten a pretty bad cut in the skin on his flank. Doesn’t look like stitches would work to good and it hasn’t slowed him down too much. After we got the cows in, the dogs kept after them ’til we got them all penned in a smaller corral and then me and Mijo let them out or by, depending if it was a cow we wanted to keep in or not. Cows worked smooth and easy. Got that done, so we penned the bunch out in the hog pasture with the calves into the big corral and let them stand until later. I put Mijo up and went to the house for dinner. Swiss steak with all the fixin’s. I took a nap with Gus and then afterwards I went out and sorted all the calves off from the new cows and kept them in and let the cows back out in the hog pasture. Chance hadn’t gotten here yet so i went ahead and started branding the cows that needed it. About half way an old cow went down and wouldn’t get up and I had to get the loader to pop the head catch.

he still wouldn’t get up and out. I was pretty perplexed as to what to do and had about decided to use the chain and the tractor to drag her out when Chance got there. We dis assembled one side of the chute and had to work pretty hard to get her out even then! Finally got her out and she couldn’t walk. Must have pinched some nerves or her front end was asleep or something. She finally got up and tottered off.

In the process of freeing her two cow in the chute coming up to the squeeze chute escaped so I helped Chance get the others in the chute, stepped on Mijo and went and got the other two in. We got them done, and all put back out, fed some hay for tomorrow and sorted the heifer calves off to Bangs vaccinate tomorrow. The old cow who went down was traveling well. So all turned out okay. I am off to a meeting tomorrow after we get the calves done.

Chance and Hope stuck around until about 7 and headed back. Hope left some of the tiny little cakes she and her sister had made and sold most of yesterday. They are so cute and taste great too! Yeah, just what I need, more tempting, fattening food!

3 thoughts on “Another one

  1. Sounds like you had a busy day. Fat what fat πŸ˜‰ I won’t tell, and what the heck you only live once! Good food is always hard to turn down. The hubby keeps telling me I feed him to good, but I know if I didn’t he would start complaining πŸ˜‰

  2. Tempting, fattening food is the perfect thing in this cold weather and Hope makes the most fantastic looking stuff…
    And won’t cows make you crazy with stuff like that!?! Five minutes work turns into five hours and all hurry up at that.

  3. You have really got a natural born gift with words.I thank you for,friending me.My world is a better place..I grew up on a big ranch,,and you sure bring back memories,,thank you so much,sincerely,mary

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