Day here today! We had gotten an inch or two of white fluffy snow, but it’s mostly gone after today with temps up to or exceeding 40! Makes me remember why I like this country! There was a huge full ‘ol moon last night and all that white snow. If it had been warmer and the NFR wasn’t on, I’d have hooked up the team for a moonlit ride. Cindy brought Sam and Gus home with her as Hope had a deal with her baking and cool cakes she makes, so they are staying here for the time. Chance and Hope will come out tomorrow as we have a little cow work to do with some of their cows. Supposed to be pretty nice tomorrow also. the boys and I hooked up the team and fed hay then hauled some bean up west to the cows and they drug along in back on the calf sled. Only spilled them once! They sure enjoyed it. They told their mom they had to come out to “help” me! 😉

Glad someone is watching out for the old geezer.

Now we are off to Mass and then back for the final round of the NFR. Cody Taton, a local guy originally, is the saddle bronc riding director and gets to pick the broncs that go to the finals. Man, has he done a great job. In the eliminator round, bothy nights, only 4 guys made qualified rides. That is almost unheard of. I’ve been staying up and dvd’ing the saddle bronc’s and watching the dogging and team roping. Haven’t paid too much attention to the rest, tho’ once in awhile I watch a bull ride or two. We have some local people down there and it’s fun to see them do well. Especially Chuck Schmidt who is an ice young feller and it’s his first trip there. He’s won one round and placed in enough others to have made a pretty good pay check. Sutton’s have a horse named “The Chuckulator” who is supposed to be named after him and he’s a great bronc. Another local, Tom Miller is one of the judges.

Chad Ferley hasn’t drawing the best horses and got bucked off last night. But he is still pretty high in the standings, but don’t look like he has a chance to win it for the year. His father passed away suddenly about the time this was starting 9 days ago. So I am sure that is on his mind.

Jesse Bail has had some tuff luck, but won some money also.

And that dang Jesse Wright from over on the line of Utah and Wyoming is a bronc riding son of a gun! Man, that kid can fit a ride! There are 7 boys in that family I hear and 5 were traveling to rodeo’s this year. Good luck to all of them folks down there in Vegas. Sure glad I can watch it on TV. Thank GAC, you guys are doing a great job.

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