Tate and Kass and family came out Friday night and we were up early Saturday morning looking for a deer for Tate. he got a nice buck, tho’ it wasn’t the one he thought he was after. I had seen one with a weird set of antlers and mentioned he’d be a good one to take out of the gene pool. Great shot, running at about 325 yards anyway.  A 308 really puts them down. He hit him perfect, so it really didn’t matter. Big bodied buck with lots of meat. It’s all cut and ground and there is still a tag for a doe to fill at some time.

Chance and Hope and family will be out Monday afternoon as we are shipping the calves on Tuesday. I might start gathering them in closer tomorrow. supposed to cool off and get some wind. But it’s sure been nice weather.

I cleaned on the shop a little today and put a bunch of junk in one of those huge plastic bags I get grain in. then Tate helped me take the rest of the loader off the old Hydro tractor so they guy who traded for it can haul it away handier. Still have the mounts for the dozer on it, but he’s going to have to split it anyway, so I decided to wait and just help him take it off at that time. Unless I need it sooner and I doubt it.

Dang, missing them grand kids already, but it sure is peaceful around here! 😉

One thought on “Family

  1. Congrats to Tate!! Next weekend is hunting season for deer here. Hopefully the guys get lucky. They were out in the woods last weekend and saw an eight point buck. One thing nice about grandkids always nice to see them but its also nice to be able to send them home too!

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