I worked on the kennel/doghouse/old chicken house today. Made a couple of pens for dogs. Bob and Shadow want to whip up on Buck so he has been staying in the horse trailer. At times, that is a bit inconvenient. So I made a couple pens and left a large area so I could pen three dogs separately or pair some up or whatever the occasion demands. Rode down and checked calves this late afternoon. My timing was a bit off as by the time I went to ride the wind had really picked up.

Off real early in the morning for the legendary Take It Outdoors blog hunt for pheasants. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Good thing the ‘new kid on the block’ Buck has you to watch out for him.
    Any luck on the pheasant hunt? We used to have scads of pheasants here, but in the last few years nearly none.

  2. I didn’t even shoot a box of shells and didn’t hit even one bird. but had a great time anyway! There were enough that others shot and didn’t want that I brought my limit – 3 – home with me.

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