Movin’ heifers

Delbert and Glen came over this morning and we moved the heifers across the road and handier to ship them on Friday. We rode thru’ our pairs and picked up four that should not have been in there. I noticed one of my calves with an ear down, so this afternoon I saddled Beaver and rode down and finally caught the little booger. For a sick calf he could really run! Found one more heifer that we either missed or came back and so we took her home and put her with her mates.

This sore throat is whippin’ me. Doc said it didn’t look like strep and probably just the aftermath of nasal drainage. My nose has been stuffed up for about a month now and it seems to have come from all the extra weed and other forage growth. He gave me a prescription for a nasal spray and told me to gargle with warm salt water. He said toddy’s wouldn’t hurt anything so I am having one now. Tea, honey, lemon juice and a little bourbon. Works for me! Here’s some pictures. Click to enlarge.

Windy booger and cool this morning. Warmed up this afternoon but the wind blew harder.

9 thoughts on “Movin’ heifers

  1. Ohh forgot to mention looks like it is cooling down back there? Funny October is generally one of our hotest months out here. High 90s and low 100s yesterday and more of the same for today.

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