More wind

But supposed to go down this evening and not blow quite so hard tomorrow.

I just did some odds and ends this morning and then Dean stopped in and had tea on his way to Punkin Center. I didn’t feel like cooking anything so rode along and Kelli was nice enough to buy us lunch!

After we got home I putted around some more then went out and fixed some fence in the lot coming in to the corrals  and then got the horses in and caught Mijo for morning, so I guess I am ready to ship heifers in the morning. Pete and Lyle are supposed to be here about 7.

Cindy brought me home some throat spray and lozenges. They are helping, but I am sick and tired of this damn sore throat! Used to go thru’ this a lot as a kid before I had my tonsils out and hated it then and hate it now. I been trying everyone’s remedies and so far gargling with salt water is the only one working.

One thought on “More wind

  1. The only thing that works for a sore throat is a quart of Jack Danials. The throat will still hurt but you just won’t give a shit!

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