Odds and ends

Hooked up the mower today and knocked down some weeds around the corrals and out in the hog pasture. Tried to cut some american licorice plants, but the ground was too uneven. Gonna have to rig a hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower the cutting bar I guess. Then  I worked on some corrals and after dinner I had some visitors. then Cindy came home and we ran up to a young neighbor couple who have too many cucumbers, if that is possible! Drove Chance and Hopes new outfit to see if it was burning oil. Seemed to do okay. When we got back I  caught up Q Tip and worked her a bit in the round corral and then rode her down south. She is a sweetheart. Believe I will start calling her Q T cause she’s such a cutie. Got her fathers lope and her mothers no nonsense good nature, but all business. Damn, I am glad I have 2 full sisters to her. Now, to get them started!

Oh, a buddy from Missouri called and offered me a good border collie pup, if we can arrange a ride for him. sounds like they are a ruff and tumble bunch with lots of grit. Maybe tuff like Bob but more biddable.

Been working on a new song and Rick gave me some good advice when he was here. I think it’s gonna work.

10 thoughts on “Odds and ends

    1. I had a Tuffy once, many years ago. Seems like each dog kind of names themselves, kind of like each horse does.

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