Got home yesterday after dinner and a couple friends had gotten here shortly before me.We drove around and looked at some stuff and then Cindy got here, so we picked her up and headed out for some more looking around. Then they had to split.

I have been spending this morning trying to catch up on news and emails. I am flat wore out, but it’s a good feeling. Seen a lot of good friends and met some new ones. Probably the best Artist Ride I have ever been too. Several of the artists told me to pass the word to Chance they need him back down there. One told me that all the pictures he has ever painted of Chance are always the first to sell and they sell like hotcakes!

He couldn’t make it this year, with all the rain and trying to get hay put up on the ranch where he works. Hopefully next year they will go down for their family vacation. They need to find an affordable wall tent big enough for them and their 3 kids, so they can house them all and have a food set up to cook and camp. If anyone hears of something like that, please comment on here or email me at Yeah, I am talking to you Jim! 😉

I found out at least one of my friends who is at the Artist Ride reads this blog, but he is shy and doesn’t comment. Come on Jim! You can do it! Come on everyone, tell Jim he can do it! 🙂

I woke up about 2 am this morning to growling and thrashing and it wasn’t Cindy’s snoring either! Lightning was popping! So I looked out the windows to see if I had to go watch for fires, but it was pouring down rain good enough that I was sure it wasn’t going to be a problem.

I need to go get a horse and go check on cattle and also unload alkl my gear from the trailer.

Dang, I had fun this weekend. Just real mellow and some great conversation and lots of good people. Only ran across one dink the whole time and that was towards the end, yesterday just before I left. Me and a couple of the Artist were eating a bite and have a good conversation. They are from southern Texas and we got to talking about the drought and this and that and the talk wandered to climate change and we were talking about it, and the effects of mankind on this planet when this dipwad sat down and proceeded to tell us how it all works, according to him and and some other dipwads. Couldn’t get him to shut up, so finally told him, basically to stuff it and to lead by example and quit whining at those of us who were living “green” long before it was cool. Damn hypocrites, running around the world in fuel guzzling planes, telling the rest of us to conserve and quite using so much fuel! I w3as tired and cranky enough I decided I better just head for ho,me before one of us found ourselves setting on our ass, with a bruise in some part of their anatomy. Might of been me, but I sure don’t see why some bores seem to think they need to intrude on private conversations, just because they are taking place in a public place!

Well, we have some friends coming tomorrow, so I better get to work and go slog thru’ the mud!

And no, I didn’t take a single picture, tho’ I did receive a couple of very very nice prints from a couple of very very nice people! Stop in and I will show them to you sometime!