Artist Ride

Got home yesterday after dinner and a couple friends had gotten here shortly before me.We drove around and looked at some stuff and then Cindy got here, so we picked her up and headed out for some more looking around. Then they had to split.

I have been spending this morning trying to catch up on news and emails. I am flat wore out, but it’s a good feeling. Seen a lot of good friends and met some new ones. Probably the best Artist Ride I have ever been too. Several of the artists told me to pass the word to Chance they need him back down there. One told me that all the pictures he has ever painted of Chance are always the first to sell and they sell like hotcakes!

He couldn’t make it this year, with all the rain and trying to get hay put up on the ranch where he works. Hopefully next year they will go down for their family vacation. They need to find an affordable wall tent big enough for them and their 3 kids, so they can house them all and have a food set up to cook and camp. If anyone hears of something like that, please comment on here or email me at Yeah, I am talking to you Jim! 😉

I found out at least one of my friends who is at the Artist Ride reads this blog, but he is shy and doesn’t comment. Come on Jim! You can do it! Come on everyone, tell Jim he can do it! 🙂

I woke up about 2 am this morning to growling and thrashing and it wasn’t Cindy’s snoring either! Lightning was popping! So I looked out the windows to see if I had to go watch for fires, but it was pouring down rain good enough that I was sure it wasn’t going to be a problem.

I need to go get a horse and go check on cattle and also unload alkl my gear from the trailer.

Dang, I had fun this weekend. Just real mellow and some great conversation and lots of good people. Only ran across one dink the whole time and that was towards the end, yesterday just before I left. Me and a couple of the Artist were eating a bite and have a good conversation. They are from southern Texas and we got to talking about the drought and this and that and the talk wandered to climate change and we were talking about it, and the effects of mankind on this planet when this dipwad sat down and proceeded to tell us how it all works, according to him and and some other dipwads. Couldn’t get him to shut up, so finally told him, basically to stuff it and to lead by example and quit whining at those of us who were living “green” long before it was cool. Damn hypocrites, running around the world in fuel guzzling planes, telling the rest of us to conserve and quite using so much fuel! I w3as tired and cranky enough I decided I better just head for ho,me before one of us found ourselves setting on our ass, with a bruise in some part of their anatomy. Might of been me, but I sure don’t see why some bores seem to think they need to intrude on private conversations, just because they are taking place in a public place!

Well, we have some friends coming tomorrow, so I better get to work and go slog thru’ the mud!

And no, I didn’t take a single picture, tho’ I did receive a couple of very very nice prints from a couple of very very nice people! Stop in and I will show them to you sometime!

19 thoughts on “Artist Ride

  1. Ok…….so what is an “Artist Ride”……….never heard of it. Web site or anything to go to to check it out? I certainly don’t preach goin’ green because I have a long way to go – drive a little 4 cylinder but seriously could improve on a number of things 🙂 Husband and I taking drive and notcied throught WY all the round bales….mentioned you blog and you putting up loose… that for going green or just why do you do it that way? He asked and I didn’t really know LOL!

    1. Stephanie, The Artist Ride is an event that takes place on a ranch along the Cheyenne River. People come from all over, and bring along their authentic clothes, tools and equipment, to model and set up scenarios for the artists who are invited to take part. They also come from all over and many are very famous and well known. But we tend to keep their names to ourselves for their privacy. Also why I seldom post or even take any pictures and post them on here. The artist tip the models for their work and it has been going on for such a long time, that most of us know each other well and it’s like a family reunion, except we all mostly enjoy each others company. Do a Google search. Artist Ride. or AR. There have been published stories about it and there is one right now, by a friend, Guy DeLeguard in, “The Cowboy Way” magazine and also there have been stories in Western Horseman and Cowboy’s and Indians magazines.

      As for the bales, I don’t have a baler and hate to borrow the equipment to put up what little hay I do, so I just made do with what I have. Same reason I like to feed and use a team. I can raise most of their feed and don’t have to buy it. I am just cheap! 😉

  2. You can do it Jim!
    Glad you had fun. I noticed you hadn’t posted in a few days and hoped all was well. Sounds like a lot of fun except for the DW at the end. Why do they feel so holier than us?

    1. Yeah, why do they feel holier than us? I think because most feel they are smart. they are the educated and we are the unwashed masses without benefit of their education. Sadly, they forget most of us can read and have read as much or more than they have! On about any subject that matters! And we actually think and process things in our brains!

  3. Mr. Dennis, I take comfort in the fact that them dinks, dip-wads, greenies, tree-lovin-bunny-huggin-tofu-eatin-over-educated-got more more dollars than sense-holier than thou-carbon credit buyin-idgitz, would probally starve if they had to fend for themselves. This fat white-Rednek can raise my groceries and slaughter a beef, pig, chicken, deer or most any animal, (not including Liberals, to much fat and you couldn’t get the stink out of the house with bleach). Let’s see them do that with their “Big Ideas”.

  4. I’d have liked to be a fly on the wall ……. with my camera of course. Glad you had a good time. It would be interesting to see what some of those artists come up with!

    1. Check out any issue of Southwest Art or I will try and come up with some names and blogs of these artists that you can check out. There were almost 60 artists there this year. Yes, the tips were good!

      1. Hi Dennis…..just doing this to say I wrote somethin’ on your blog…..take care and enjoy the photo’s….not sure if I got you in any???????

      2. I just shared your photo’s on facebook. Anyone from here who wants to see pictures of the Artist Ride can look at them over there. Hope it was alright to use them! Good seeing you this weekend tho’ we didn’t get to hang together too much!

  5. Well….it sure was great to see you again this year ! It is always one of the highlites of the trip. I agree…probably the best AR yet !! What a great reunion ! Keep up the great blog , it’s nice to be a part of the life of such fantastic people. So for now I will go back to reading !!!!

    1. Whitehair! By golly you done it! Hope you fellers had a great trip home. Tell the boys Hi from me and hope to see them down the trail. got a poem to send for your approval and views one of these day. Gonna let it set and stew for a bit and then re read it. I will be sending off a copy in a week or so.

      Ordered a wall tent today with my tip money. Had to throw in a little extra, but still and all, I think it will be a good investment. Chance will have no excuse to not go next year!

  6. Hey Bob, It was sure good getting to meet you and get pictures of you at the Artists Ride. Wow. I’m hooked on the event! Hope to see you again there next year. I’ll get you some pictures soon.

    1. Thanks Laurie. Great to meet you. When I get a minute, I will probably put a link to your site, on here, if that is okay.

  7. I was wondering what happened to ya! Glad it was a good ride! Green is good but it is taken just a little too far sometimes and most people don’t practice what they preach!

    1. Yeah, I am all for conserving our resources, but we need to use what we have also. I get tired of the “green” side thinking they are “holier than thou” when they fly all over the globe in fuel guzzling planes, one or two to a plane, to tell all us little people to quit ruining the earth! Sheesh!
      It’s all about money with them anyway. they want it and it’s just another way for them to get money and power. Bunch of hypocrites!

  8. JingleBob, I was one of those “South Texas Boys” who was sitting with you and enjoying the great company. By the way, thanks for the great book. I read “The Quest” to my 89 year old Dad and 88 year old Mother at lunch today, along with your Christmas poem. They LOVED them!!!
    Yeah, that dipwad tried to crap in our Wheaties the other day…you were the bigger man to get up and walk away.
    Thanks again for the book, and I’ll be sending you mine soon. Can’t wait to read more of yours! Marvin

    1. Great to hear from you! Hope you guys had a good trip home. And glad your folks enjoyed the poems. I am looking forward to your book.

      There is always a dipwad who is out to inform all us “hicks” ain’t there? 😉

      I would have sat and argued, but I needed to get going. And I was tired. And I had a gun in my pickup I was wanting to go get for some reason. 😉 LOL Nawww, I wouldn’t have shot him. Shot CLOSE to him? Well…. somethings are just too tempting. Now I know why that cowboy was shooting at the tenderfoots feet in all them old paintings! LOL

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