Dirt work

Took the tractor and loader and went up and drug a washed out ol’ culvert up out of the creek and moved it to the plum crossing and put it there. Probably still wash out,m but it’s in pretty shallow and I made the crossing a lot better. For now!

Then I ate an early lunch, gravy on left over biscuits and then took the loader down south and filled in a washed out hole on a dam. took awhile, but wish i had gotten it done last year. there would be more water in that dam now. There is also a tank there from a waterline and it was getting dug out around the edge, so I filled all that in and packed it down good. Even found some big rocks to put in alongside the tank.

After I got home I loaded up the old bar that has been setting in front of the house and hauled it out to the shed. (I hate to throw anything away. Cindy sez I’m a packrat!)

Then I ran the horses in and saddled up Woody and rode out and found the blind heifer, who is not quite so blind and moved her to where she had better access to good water and feed.

Came home and trimmed Pinky’s front feet and then called it a day. this evening I ran over to Starvin’ Marvin’s where I had left some boots to get half soled. He was working on the second pair when i got there so we had a good visit while he finished them up.

Supposed to go get my ear’s lowered ( as Dad called it when you got a haircut) in the morning and then got a gig tomorrow night in Spearfish. Then up early for the Artist ride on Friday. I will try and have everything loaded so all I will have to do Friday morning is get up, load my horse and go.

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