A fun read

if you are involved with mountain lions, elk hunting deer hunting, or running cattle on private or public land.

I’d like your thoughts on this one Corky.



It gets better the further you go. Might want to just check out my comments to and from Jim, for a quicker read.

2 thoughts on “A fun read

  1. Very interesting to read the different views on the subject. Personally the numbers should be kept down! Over populations are never good for livestock or humans.

    1. This is an issue that makes me kind of mad. So GF&P admitted that lions kill more deer than hunters? Anybody with a calculator already guessed that but its nice to have confirmation.

      I like deer hunting in the hills. We only get to go every other year since they went to draw instead of over the counter. The quality of the hunting has improved with the new limited licensing, but we don’t go for the quality of the hunting, we go to spend time in the hills. We had just as much fun when we only got 1 deer for 5 hunters. It irks me that I have to compete with mountain lions for deer. I don’t mind having lions around, but why not let the hunters kill most of the deer and elk and keep the lion population low? I think 30% of the calf crop being killed by mountain lions before they are two months old is a waste. Let them grow up so I can kill them.

      Another issue is the road situation. No reason to close down the access to so many roads. It sure seems like they want to just cut people out of the food chain up there.

      And yes, farming and ranching look darn attractive right now. Until you figure out how much money you need to risk just to get started, and you’d have to be brain dead to think these prices will stay too long.

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