8 thoughts on “Sure is quiet

  1. I figure the silence would be deafening! lol Turn on the TV and the stereo and it’ll help fill the void – sorta. 🙂

  2. yep! being a grandparent is wonderful until it is quiet! have had my little grandson since he was 3 months old every weekend. this past year has been pretty emotional! he is now 10 going on 11 and is a very popular little guy! he has lots of friends and lots of activities. so when i do get to have him for a night, i just get so excited. it has been too hot for us to camp out in the little vintage trailer. so not have an a/c unit that works but now he has “football” and i live almost an hour away so have to get up too early if he stays here. so not i go into town to watch him on a football field!
    yall have given them so many memories as i have tried to with mine. that what we are here for, i believe! so you have done good! AND THEY DO RETURN NOW AND AGAIN! thanks again for sharing!

    1. My little guy is in dadgum South Dakota for an extended visit right now. He is coming back to Lubbock on the 28th. I am so ready! They are having way too much fun in the cool, green country. They need to git back here to the dirt!

      1. Is he up here visiting great grampa and gramma Corrie? Yup, still green around here! Been praying for all you guys downs south to get some rain!

  3. Sounds like a real sad lonesome to me. You sure are doing right by them, teaching them how to do what you do and having a lot of fun with them too. I admire it.

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