Loadin’ hay

I went out to get the last of the hay and told Gabe he could follow and take pictures if he wanted. He took 106!

I weeded them down to less than 60. He got some good ones and I messed with a few but mostly, he just shot good pictures.

We moved heifer’s this morning.

Went up to Faith to the bronc ride last night. good broncs and good riders. As Delbert said, it’s nice to know these local guys can ride with the big boys in the NFR. The finaly go was real even as far as the rides, the broncs and the scores. A young feller from Colorado just beat out a local, Chuck Schmidt (who is setting 13th in the PRa right now) and Cody DeMoss who has been to the NFR quite a few trips. Several top hands didn’t make it to the final round. Didn’t draw good enough horses or in one case, got bucked off. Sure was good watching. Chance and Hope and the boys came over so I got to see the other grandkids also. Even held Addy Bear for awhile.

Margo, feel free to use any of these if you want.

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