We went to Rapid yesterday and got the sink for the new kitchen work and the plumbing parts for it and also to fix the one we are using now. The kitchen sink and washing machine drained into the old dry well/septic tank that hasn’t worked in years. Everything else is plumbed into a newer septic tank and dry well, that tho’ it doesn’t work the best, at least I can pump the dry well and keep the gray water moving. Never, I repeat NEVER build your house on an old dry lake bed!!!!

Today I crawled up under the crawlspace and changed the old drain lines over to hook into the newer one. We got the non working dishwasher moved out and everything seems to be draining and working as it should!


Cindy was my gofer and we managed to get the task done without  anymore than a frown, at least on my part. I couldn’t really see her from my position up in the small area I was working that I had to crawl into like an escaping convict. She may have done some frowning and I left my hearing aids out so I have no idea what choice words she may have mumbled in my direction.

I don’t think I would have been much of a tunneler in “The Great Escape”! Small, tight area’s are not my favorite cup of tea and working in tight, cramped area’s seem to make my shoulders and hips and joints scream out. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with my age, weight or fitness!

Anyway, glad it is done and keeping my fingers crossed that it will all work as well as it is supposed to. Won’t be long and the new sink will be in, and in an area much easier to plumb too. At least I will be able to stand up to install.

Cloudy and got a little rain last night. Got a branding tomorrow and another the next day that goes for three days but I will only make it to the first.