in trying to improve the situation in DC by sending new people in at election time. Check this out over at   The Travis McGee Reader (which is on my blog roll of course)

Until, and not until then, we have the power locally as was designed in the Constitution, sending anyone, no matter how good they seem to be, to help fix the mess in DC, is similar to sending a clean person into a sewer and expecting them to not get dirty, when trying to unplug or fix it!

It’s true evidently. Power does corrupt. Absolute power does corrupt absolutely.

Those of us in the other circle who think we can elect and send good people to Washington to fix this country are very naive. There is too much power, money and greed. And they could care less what most of us think. As evidence by how they treat us. And many of us are to insipid and  thick to even realize it. We can be bought off with our own money, that really doesn’t even exists, but it is kind of like the Emperors clothes. Everyone must admit that our monetary system is still viable, or we will all go down in flames.


So very sad when you think of what this great country once was.

But the bumbling and greed and outright theft of so much by so many over the past 200 some years has led us to where we are today. And we have reached the point where they CAN and do buy us off at every election.

I am not sure how to fix it, but I pray to God every day that we can and do.

But I am afraid many are not going to enjoy or really want what it will take to do so.

Do you know why the Greatest Generation, was the Greatest Generation? Because of the times they lived thru’. When sacrifice was the norm. And sadly, very few today are willing to make any sacrifice, no matter how small. Yes there are a few, such as our people who volunteer to serve, selflessly and not for the money, but for the belief in something.

Would that we deserved their sacrifice and time they devote for us, as a whole.

Sad, so very sad what this country has become.