Up at 3 am to catch and saddle Peaches, load in the trailer and head to one neighbor, pick him  and his horse up and head out to be at another neighbors to trail cows at 4:30. We were a little early. Cows moved good for awhile, but about a mile and a half to two miles from our destination they needed a rest. We let them and then went on and pushed and fought them along a state highway.  Most people coming by were good, but there are always a few in such a dang hurry they can’t be bothered to slow down too much, even tho’ we had flaggers both fore and aft. Got them there, paired up and ate lunch. Short move, but seems like we rode a lot. And it got up to 80 or so by noon. Supposed to be almost 90 tomorrow.

Then afterwards me and the neighbor riding with me went to another neighbors and roped and caught a fall bull calf who had a prolapsed rectum. Peaches ain’t got a lot of speed and I can’t throw a loop in a nylon rope very far. Evidently my lucky snag on a calf thru the fence was my loop of the day!

My second loop fit, but he ran thru’ it while I was trying to slow Peaches and jerk my slack. Lyle made a snag and I got him heeled after Lyle drug him out of a dam. It was his third trip into it for the day. While we had him down and sewed him up, we cut him also and he swam back out into the dam to ease his temper and injuries.

Fort some reason I seem tired this evening. Up early tomorrow for another branding almost an hour north of me. Rooster is supposed to ride along. Maybe some pictures from the new camera. I broke the screen on the old one the other day, shutting a gate I guess. Got some pictures today, but I am too tired to upload them to the computer.