All the way up and back it was green, green, green! I don’t know as you people in the eastern part of the country know how good that feels, to see that, for us here in the high desert plains states. Oh sure, there is mumbling and grumbling about work not getting done, but it is a very minor inconvenience when you look at pictures of bad floods and things like Joplin MS. We will be dry soon enough and the work will get done and looks to be a heck of a start on a great year!

Had a great time and stayed up too late having fun so I am sleepy now, but well worth it to see old friend and meet some new ones. The night show might have been the best one I’ve ever seen up there and way better than many others. Great line up. Lots of great talented people around this 5 state area. I played two of the new songs to rave reviews so that made me feel better about them.

I got confirmation on the people I wanted to perform at Devils Tower this fall on September 4th. Elisabeth Ebert, DW Grothe and Daron Little. Ought to be a great show and Beth made me promise that Chance would come too, so I will have him to accompany me. Mark your calendars. That is the Sunday before Labor day as always. Might be our last year, what with all the funding cuts. If so we will go out with a bang. Tho’ sounds like the funding comes from other sources, but if one area dries up they will make cuts in all programs.

Had to drive 35 mph in 4 wheel drive down a graveled county road on the way home and almost went in the ditch several times as it was. Wish they would quit mixing mud in for binder on these roads and just let us drive on them rocks when it is dry.

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