As they say down south, meaning, tired.

Helped Lyle and Cindy trail pairs to summer pasture yesterday. Went well. Good crew, good weather. We did pick up one little feller who was moving slow and he rode in the back of Danny W’s rig that Danny and Jesse were driving, opening and shutting gates.

Saw something I have never seen before. We were just traveling along, cows grabbing a bite and then walking on when all at once there was the dangedest bunch of bellering and milling and cattle running around and then back to the bunch. Turns out it was a new fawn and them mama’s didn’t like him close to there calves. they ruffed him up pretty bad before anyone could get to him. Rick J loped up and got over him with his horse and the cows trotted off. He thought he was going to die but by the time Lyle and Robert J came by they said they thought he was gong to make it.

It made me think. My first instinct was to go get him and take him along and try and nurse him back to health if possible. But if we did, he would never be accepted back by his mother and we’d have to bum him and feed him until he could survive on his own and he would never really ever be a deer in the traditional sense, no idea of what to do and not terribly scared or respectful of humans, so would probably die in the first hunting season. Or have to be shot because of bad behavior. Or he would just end up a pet in a zoo or someones yard and never realize his first potential. Basically we would have killed him with kindness.

Talking to a friend last night and telling her about it and we got to discussing the ills of the country, one being Welfare and all the entitlement programs. All of them were started with the best of intentions, but now they are administered by a large bureaucracy, and all on it are not people but just faces with a name. And like the baby deer we are killing these people with kindness. If it was administered by a local church or some other local organization, and the people doing the helping knew the people who were getting helped personally, then they would be less apt to just giver money to people who would not try to improve their life. Especially if the money was coming out of the people’s pockets (which in reality it is) who were passing it out.

Yup, we are an entitlement country. Getting more socialistic each and every day. And mostly with the best of intentions. Watch the terrible mess in Joplin. There will be people showing up to help and donating money and that is well and good and as it should b e. But in time, most of the people being helped will go on and improve their life and the mess they are in at the moment. But…. a few, a small percentage, maybe even some imports who know the system, will collect on the largess and make a living for themselves, learning how to game the system. This would be less likely to happen with local control and the money coming in from the locals.

If you have a friend or relative who falls on hard times., you and others will gladly help them in any way you can. But after a time when you see that that is not really helping them, you will attempt to get them to find a job, or in some other way improve their situation so as to no longer need help and if things are as they should, that person would then go on to help others as they have been helped. And that is the intent, but not what happens in many cases.

Many times what starts out as a hand up becomes a hand out and as I see it the reason we have so many entitlement programs and will have a hard time to ever get rid of them is that it has become a major business employing many people. Just think of all the people employed by government. In any way shape or form. Now take away all the jobs involved in the entitlement programs. Now, where are you going to have all those people work, who are involved?

Yeah. That is what we are up against.

Especially when you consider how well we all are off as compared to most of the rest of the world.

And people wonder why we have all these illegal aliens fighting and dying trying to get here.

This used to be the greatest country on earth, and for good reason. I wonder any more if it still is.

Thank a service person this weekend, or anytime you see one for that matter. Happy Memorial day.

15 thoughts on “Tared!

  1. Well said. I think I prefer the “Poor Farms” of long ago in the local communities to the hand outs that are given by Welfare..and they know how to work the system too..having more kids to get more assistance. Shut my mouth..and the Illegals know a good thing so they will try to get into this country what ever way they can. It has got to stop sometime..handouts and Illegal entry. I say put mine fields at the border..that would stop them..oh I am a sick old woman:)

  2. Well put, JB. A common sense concept and seemingly simple but yet… made complicated…..

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