Sure is drying the wet out, but not to worry, we got a little more yesterday evening.

I caught up Peaches and rode south to move some yearlings around and shut and open gates, checked on the tank I had turned on, drug a couple lick barrels of mineral into a fresh pasture for the heifers , then trotted north. Looked thru’ the cattle up there and made sure they were all doing okay, then trotted home, caught up the new yellow horse and trimmed his feet. Then I caught the Lena filly and messed and brushed her, so she would find out everytime she is caught that she isn’t going to get rode.

In a bit here I am heading out with Beaver to Help Lyle and Cindy trail some cattle to summer grass up north on Sulpher creek. Might get a few pictures.

I am still debating whether I will go to Medora tomorrow or not, for the big Poetry Gathering. Lots of flooding up there, but last I heard they were still going to have it. I haven’t been there in quite a few years and I will have lots of old friends I don’t get to see and hang out with, up there.

It’s a little cloudy and windy and a small chance of rain, today and more this evening.

4 thoughts on “Windy

  1. oh heck, might as well go…………everythin that needs to be done around home will still be there when ya get back anyway…………..your ole friends might not be!

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