Got a call about 5:30 yesterday morning. A neighbor needed some help to move cattle. So I took Peaches over and we moved his 2 year old heifer pairs north with a strong wind blowing behind us. Heifers who had never been to this pasture, on a public road, with fresh green succulent grass growing in the road ditches. Yeah. Went kind of slow there for a while. They took the pickup and trailer along and kept it in front to warn oncoming traffic of the cattle drive and then hauled us and the horses back to the house when we were done. We move4d his older cattle later so stopped at my house on the way back and I swapped Peaches for Mijo. She was a long ways from tired but he can stand the riding too. We ate a bite and then moved the next bunch east, pretty much straight on into the 40 plus mph breeze. Then when we got done with them we hauled back to his house and moved his yearling spayed heifers into a close pasture then ate some roast that had been cooking all day with taters and gravy. Being in the breeze all day made me tired. I had to make a few phone calls then off to bed about 9 and slept in ’til 7 this morning. Too much as now I am loggy and tired. Now I need to go get around some fences.

It’s supposed to start raining and rain for the rest of this week. I’ll take it. I am greedy when it comes to rain. πŸ˜‰

9 thoughts on “Neighboring

  1. We could use some help the day before we brand…..there’s a bed here for you too if you want to stay over for the branding πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    1. If only we were closer! Or I was richer so could afford the trip, tho’ I doubt they would let me into your country!

    1. Char x heifers who are not good cows. They don’t have to worry about them coming up with a calf when they get to the feedlot, tho’ they claim it slows their rate of gain. I know a spayed heifer sure can get fat on grass and are way good eating!

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