Went down in the breaks and branded at Pete’s yesterday. Nice day and it went well. Got several coming up next week and the following week.

Windy today but up in the 60’s. I cleaned on the corrals this morning until about 1 pm. Got a gig this evening. Might have to try out the new song or two.

Yup, pretty boring, huh? 😉

7 thoughts on “Branding

  1. so glad you share your days with all of us. some of us would love to live your life but are too old to start all over. so you are a gift appreciated!

  2. oh yes, i have listened to two of the three songs you sent. i love them. just been going and blowing for last couple of weeks. thanks

  3. Sounds exciting. On the brandings you help with, do you trailer your horse to them? Do they last more than one day so that you have to stay on overnight? Thanks for the post.

    1. Yes JJ, we trailer to them. A few are close enough that I can ride to them and ride back afterwards. Most are close enough and small enough that we get done in about a half a day. There is one I go to that lasts for 3 days and I have went and camped there over night and helped for two days.

  4. You’re never boring to me… I’d say, that’s just life, how life can be boring with you?? XO

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