A good day

I took Christel to meet a real Indian today, Dave Bald Eagle. He is a Chief of the Lakota nation and doesn’t live too far from me. I had never been to his house before, but it was pretty easy to find. He is a wise old owl and a neat guy. He told me he is 92. But he doesn’t look it. I see him most years at the Artist Ride.

He is a WWII vet and rode broncs in a Wild West show Casey Tibbs had that toured Europe. He met and married his wife over there.

We had a good visit and one of his grandson’s gave Christel a book of stories about and by Indian women.

We had taken her touring the other day up to Mt Rushmore and to Crazy Horse mountain.

By the way here is a picture of Fred and my young visitor Steve the other day.

3 thoughts on “A good day

    1. No, they have the head of Crazyhorse about done. They are using no Federal funding, just what people pay at the gate, so it is slow going. And then, iut is huge. Much larger than Mt Rushmore.

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