This morning Pilgrim came into the corral while I was out there so I caught him and went and moved all but one pair, back across the road to the north, in preparation of yearlings coming in on Monday.

It was real nice, but the wind blew and built all day. It didn’t take as long as I thought and when I looked at the weather forecast I decided to take Pilgrim up to Chance and traded with him for Peaches, the little mare. He needs a big, strong, going son of a gun up in that country, especially if it is going to get wet. 20 years ago I would never have swapped with him, but I’ve got too many to ride and these smaller, older horses suit me more now. I don’t make as many big circles and a horse like Pilgrim is kind of wasted on me. He’s also a little tall to get on and just a hair on the rough gaited side.

I had fun playing with the boys while I was there for about an hour or so. They were really wound up and wanted to come home with me. If they were a hair older and I had a better broke horse for them to ride, I’d a took them, but I got quite a few brandings coming up, if they don’t rain out this week, so had to tell them no. After branding season maybe they can spend a week with grampa and gramma!

When I got home I moved the last pair across the road on Peaches. She sure is a lot easier to get on, tho’ not much further along in her training.

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