is what I’ve heard a wet snow like this one called. And it’s wet! And I know there are those calving in it who are calling it ano5ther word for fertilizer that starts with a B and has an s in there too!

Must be 6 inches anyway. If you like snow balls or building snowmen, you’d love it. Many other people? Not so much.

Grandsons haven’t quite drove us over the edge of insanity. In reality they have been very good but are cooped up all day as it’s been a keening cold wind out of the southeast. They just go out with me to feed and “supervise”. They must be good at it cuz’ so far we’ve managed to get them all fed. The cows look like wet drowned rats in this stuff. At least it’s not terrible cold. And there is green grass under it and in a couple days when this melts off it’s really going to make the crested wheatgrass pop!

No change in Cindy’s Mom. We sure appreciate all the kind words, thoughts and prayers. Thank you all.